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16 December 2014

D.W.P – Djakarta Warehouse Project

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We were here for D.W.P  Djakarta Warehouse Project. The biggest Dance Music Festival in Indonesia!



❤ Big love from Malaysia!



❤ The DWP main stage.

We suppose to be at VIP zone, but it’s way too far from the stage, so we decided to move to the general area. There goes the first night in DWP.

The DJ line up was good, but the DJs set was kinda disappointed, but we still enjoyed it.


❤ DWP day 2, support DJ Mag Malaysia here in Jakarta, wearing exclusive DJ Mag Malaysia tops with this bunch! 


❤ Selfie everywhere!

No doubt, Jakarta nightlife scene was really awesome, big clubs big city. But the culture and the people here was really terrible. They cheat, they con, they steal and they rob. Everyone looks like a robber here, if you are tourist or Chinese, they definitely charge you higher. And their service and attitude was really bad. I would suggest only taking a Blue Bird taxi when you are in Jakarta. I had a terrible experience by taking cab. Blue Bird Taxi seemed to be more reliable. Anyway, I will never come back to Jakarta, it is a city of con. Tsk Tsk Tsk!!




Mamamia #1 // Mamamia #001
  1. Mamamia #1 // Mamamia #001