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10 October 2016

(DJaneMag) Exclusive Interview with special guest from Malaysia – DJ Alexis G

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DJ Alexis G, a well-known face in the entertainment industry. This striking Malaysian born girl, who is full of hopes, can be described as a feminine, pretty, charming-faced professional DJ. Behind the turntables she rocks theMelbourne Bounce and Electronic Dance Music including bass-heavy remixes of club and hip hop favourites, focusing on house and commercials.

Music has been playing an essential role in her life during her childhood. She was a professional gymnast and hip hop dancer when she was growing up before she entered her modeling carrier in late 2009 which gives her a bigger confidence boost to do public appearances. She has everything a professional DJ needs. With her enchanting fashion sense, fierceness, and magnificent technique when spinning, Alexis G revolutionized the art of mixing music.

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Alexis G’s development as a DJ has been as fast as it gets. Her first public appearance was in 2012 when she performed at Luna Bar Kuala Lumpur, one of the city’s most talked about night scene spot since 2003. Since then, she has developed quite a name for herself in the KL nightlife scene. In just a short span period of two years, Alexis G has toured around Asia to countries like Melbourne, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Her appreciation for music and dance has always been a part of her character. Known House, Deep House,Tech House, Techno & Electro-House. Alexis G has raised eyebrows, pulses and hands regularly across the nightlife spots in Kuala Lumpur. Hailing from the land of wonders, DJ Alexis G is famous for her risqué style behind the camera, being cheeky on the decks and rocking the crowds with her explosive sets and magnetic stage presence as she always gets the crowd going and pumped up with her awesome tunes and her enthusiastic interaction with the crowd.

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Due to her ever-growing influence amongst clubbers, DJ Alexis G is currently labelled as #6 Sexiest Female DJ in Asia and Top 50 DJs In Malaysia. Expect the heat to be turned up with her spicy open format set; there is no second option, Alexis G has to be experienced!

DJaneMag Asia had the privilege for an exclusive interview with this sexy star recently to answer some of our questions and share some interesting facts about herself for our readers.



DJaneMag : So how did it all begin? What gave you that initial push?

Alexis G : I used to do freelancing for modelling and occasionally host events once in awhile. I attended loads of events and most of these events do carry out after parties. One of these after parties was a rave. In awe David Guetta was performing at that particular rave that I attended to and to add, It was coincidentally my first ever rave too. David Guetta was the first ever DJ I ever listened to and at the rave I felt amazing. It was amazing because all the songs that were playing had no lyrical content, but yet it felt immensely meaningful and touching to me.

I was a gamer back then too, I played O2Jam and final fantasy. From my first introduction to it from events, rave and even games. I guess music is everything to me. I also got to know music from my boyfriend, DJ Tiger Ming. He could listen to EDM from the moment he wakes up until the moment he closes his eyes to sleep, he basically listens to EDM every single moment of his life and I could listen to it throughout the whole day with him too.


DJaneMag : Funniest thing that ever happened at an event?

Alexis G : Nothing much, but there was one time I tripped, and fell down when I was playing. Luckily the stage was high enough and no one saw it, hopefully. LOL


DJaneMag : What’s the best event you’ve played at/put on?

Alexis G : I had fun at most of the shows, but the best one was New Year Eve Rave Party at Sunway Lagoon Beach, Kuala Lumpur. Everyone was wet and they went 100% loco, it was an epic one!


DJaneMag : When you play is it pre planned set?

Alexis G : Well, before every gigs I spend at least 6 – 10 hours working on my set, making my own edits and mashups, to make sure I kill the dancefloor every time I play, I does not pre-record my sets. I plans them, and that’s perfectly fine. From a fan’s perspective, having fun is the biggest thing. If a DJ is playing great tracks, amd we all have a good time.



DJaneMag : Where do you think the scene is headed? One year from now? Five years from now?

Alexis G : It’s really sad to see the rave scene in Malaysia is dropping, because the government banned outdoor rave, it was one of the best country to rave in Asia. But I’m glad that EDM scene in Asia is going up now. Ultra is everywhere now in Asia, I heard even Tomorrowland is coming to Thailand soon, hope it’s true!!.


DJaneMag : What festivals would you most like to play at?

Alexis G : Coachella, California! Ahhh, Coachella. How could we not include arguably the most hyped festival in America. Folks, all the things you’ve heard about Coachella being an absolute paradise! I believe ever DJ’s would love to play at Coachella!

DJaneMag : Favourite non dance music song?

Alexis G : Should be all Jay Chou songs. :p


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